Golden Glory Mug
Renee Redesigns Black Gold Bottom Mug
Renee Redesigns Black Gold Bottom Mug
Renee Redesigns Black Gold Bottom Mug & Gold slate coasters
Renee Redesigns Black Gold Bottom Mug
Renee Redesigns Golden Glory Mug
Golden Glory Mug

Golden Glory Mug

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  • 12 oz.
  • Height: 4"
  • Top Diameter: 3"
  • Bottom Diameter: 3.5"
  • Great for gift giving


Genuine Gold Plating: Distinctive styling gives this coffee cup unique appeal. The gold bottom offers striking contrast to the ebony mug, for a dramatic impression and a much-appreciated gift.

Coffee Tastes Better: Paper, foam & plastic cups can leach odd, unpleasant tastes into your coffee or tea. But this solid ceramic mug lets you savor your favorite beverage in all its true flavor.

Hot Drinks Stay Warmer: Thanks to its slightly tapered design and naturally insulating ceramic, your Golden Glory 12-oz. mug keeps your hot or cold beverages at the prime temperature.

Won't Show Stains: Coffee & tea can leave ugly stains inside lighter-colored mugs. But your Golden Glory coffee-&-tea cup has a glossy black interior, so stains won't visibly show. (Hand-wash.)

Inspiration at Every Sip: As a cancer survivor (or other) gift for men & women, every detail of this mug has spiritual meaning to keep them uplifted. Including the motivational quote inside the rim.

Unlike mass-produced coffee mugs, this 12-oz. ceramic mug has a handmade, gold-plated bottom that adds elegant shimmer to your beverage-sipping experience.

Handcrafted with love, this pitch-black coffee cup also offers:

----> A thoughtful and inspirational gift for cancer patients or survivors, those going through divorce or others in need of motivation to overcome life’s difficulties.

----> Premium solid ceramic for a superior taste experience, free of toxic chemicals.

----> Smooth, glossy black interior so tea & coffee stains won't show up.

----> Sturdy wider handle for comfortable no-slip grip.

----> Tapered design, slightly narrower at top so beverages stay hot longer.

----> 12-ounce capacity – just right for that morning latte, afternoon tea, or bedtime cocoa.

Spiritual Inspiration with Every Sip.

Every detail of this unique mug has a special meaning. The textured exterior (symbolizing life's bumps & bruises), gold plating (representing faith) & white ring (denoting God's grace) leave you with assurance that you're not alone today.

The heartwarming message inside the rim, reminds all warriors and overcomers that you can survive any trial – with God's help – “and still remain golden."

To retain its beauty, please do not microwave or clean in a dishwasher. Handwashing is best.

Your Golden Glory mug comes carefully wrapped & packed in an attractive white box suitable for gifting. Makes a welcome, meaningful present for all the tea & coffee connoisseurs you know.

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